ISS Smart Flow

ISS Smart Flow 1.9

ISS Smart Flow is a software tool designed to help in workflow management tasks

ISS Smart Flow is a workflow management tool created by Innovative Smart Systems. From my experience with this application, the Smart System part suffered a little bit. The program is aimed at making the life of managers easier by having everything organized, including documents and tasks. Thus, you can add meetings to your calendar and select the members that have been invited to attend the meeting, organize contacts and so on.

However, the tool fails to make interaction easy, beginning with the database you are forced to install - Windows Jet Database. This kind of database, although necessary for Windows, has already been deprecated by Microsoft. A more mainstream database that might allow you to import from other applications would have been a better choice.

Later, once you have launched the setup, you will face this lack of clarity again when working directly with the program’s processes - even though there seem to be "templates" available, it is not initially clear how to use them, or what they really do. This is also the case when performing almost any other action, relying on contextual menus rather than on more in-your-face, intuitive buttons. Perhaps some managers may find it easy to use, but there are other software tools out there which are quicker, albeit more expensive.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Lots of options


  • Unintuitive
  • Uses non-mainstream database
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